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7 Quick & Fun Ways to learn French for Free!

Throughout its European magnificence, France is soaked in antiquity with an affluent language that equals its cultural profundity. Commonly renowned as the dialect of love, French, Europe’s romance language, has consistently been recognized for its graceful phrasing and cultivated pronunciations.

Being an international student in France, learning the language will enrich your experience incomparably during your golden days. So whether it’s grabbing a baguette at a boulangerie, going to watch French cinema with pals, or just jamming to French music in the intertwined metro lines of Paris, learning French is a skill you’ll be able to hone for the rest of your life. Luckily for you, Movido has compiled a list of the seven most efficient, quick, and exciting ways to get your French learning experience started:


Learn french in Paris
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As stereotypical as this may sound, it holds that “You always learn from your mistakes”. Learning a new language means seeing the world from a new perspective, and while you venture into the world of French poetry, theatre, and cuisine, you are bound to make errors while you adjust to your Parisian mode de vie

Firstly, the person you are trying to converse with will always help you progress. So make errors, as silly as they may sound, you’re better off trying than shying away! Secondly, a great way to familiarize yourself with new vocabulary and phrases is to log them in a book. Maintaining notes will help you expand your understanding of French, and when in doubt, you will always have something to return to!

2. Become a better listener 

A significant chunk of French, like most Indo-European languages, lies in mastering the accent and pronunciation. When you listen to someone conversing in French, be conscious of how they move their mouth. Focus on the roll of the tongue, how articles are pronounced, and the hand gestures that accompany these phrases. When you have time, repeat these to yourself and say them out loud! Just like imitating your favourite movie characters!

Now we know that this may sound like a handful, but here’s a piece of honest advice: fake it till you make it! You will not become a fluent speaker overnight, but we guarantee you’ll get better with time.

3. Watch a tonne of films

Learning French, or any language for that matter, does not have to be all about reading thick books and learning vocabulary by heart. Besides, who doesn’t love a good movie? So next time you watch your favourite film, TV show, or Youtube channel, turn on those French subtitles! You will be surprised by how much you understand. Then, again, as a rule of thumb, maintain a log of any vocabulary you hear for the first time! And Voila! Two birds, one stone! Not only will you better understand the language but you will improve your French accent. All of this while laying in the comfort of a couch and munching a tub of popcorn.

Watch french movies

4. Jam to French music

French music is famed across the globe! Whether it’s the classical La Vie en Rose or modern French rap, French music manages to top global charts all across! Isn’t it obvious? Such a soothing language and such exquisite words can only mean some great music! 

A great perk of learning French through music = memory boost! Repeating the same songs and learning their lyrics will help you retain vocabulary on the regular. What’s even better is you do not have to take out time from your schedule to do so! On your way to work or in the shower? Just jam to some good old French music. 

5. Find a study partner

Find someone willing to learn French in exchange for your mother tongue! Could be a neighbour, classmates, or a colleague at work! This process is so much fun! Not only can you enrich your learning experience through actual practice but you will also be able to avoid heaps of vocabulary, tenses, and synonyms that may not come in as handy in the future…Moreover learning from a native French speaker will give you an insider peek into the French way of doing things. Eventually, everybody wins! Not only will you learn the language but also have first-hand knowledge of daily slang and expressions. 


Movido Pro-tip: Here are some of our favourite apps to find study partners:

Best books to learn French

6. Practise makes perfect

Even if you can take out five minutes everyday, use this time effectively to improve your French. Practise your pronunciation by repeating phrases, revisit vocabulary you may have forgotten, and most importantly, regardless of whether your speech sounds rough around the edges, speak with sheer confidence! Eventually, with enough practice, you will become a pro. 

Movido Pro-tip: Put your French grammar to the test:


7. Be consistent! Repetition is key!

So we have already spoken about practice but consistency is where the real magic lies! There will be times where you may feel overburdened, disinterested or even reach burnt out! Yet, do not give up! Every few days, challenge yourself with new tasks. This could be picking up harder phrases, watching French movies with complex plots, or participating in language learning games. Thanks to the magnificent possibilities that the internet has given us, the world is your playground. 

If you are able to set smaller goals along your French learning experience and are able to meet these thresholds with the same rekindled passion since the beginning, you will master French before you know it. 

Intensive French learning
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